How can you participate?,

How can you participate?

There are many ways you can join the Wajenzi movement.

Do you want to nominate someone?

If you think you are a Mjenzi or do know someone who is, you can submit that person by clicking here. But make sure the Mjenzi fits the criteria. The Wajenzi actions or initiatives should be;
  • Youth-originated: initiatives from youth (18 to 35 years);
  • Personal: initiatives set up and led by individuals or small groups;
  • Positive: initiatives that lead to positive change;
  • Non-judgmental: initiatives that do not condemn or exclude others;
  • Inspirational: initiatives that incite peers to take action themselves no matter what resources or status you may have.
For an overview of all criteria, click on the download link on the right.

Do you want to nominate someone?

Firstly, you can send a Shout Out message to a Mjenzi, you find the Shout Out box on the bottom of his or her profile. This message can be maximum 159 characters in length, because it will be automatically sent as an SMS to him or her. This way you are sure your support will reach him or her directly.

If you want to spread a specific Mjenzi story, you can do so by clicking on the Facebook button on the Mjenzi profile. The Mjenzi story will be transformed into a Facebook post, so that your Facebook network will know about the Mjenzi you support.

Also, from phase 2 of the Wajenzi campaign onwards, you can also vote for your favourite Mjenzi by clicking on the Vote-button on his or her profile. The Wajenzi who will have most votes will be adopted into the mobile network and will receive prizes such as trainings and equipment.

Download the campaign materials so that you can put the banner on your Facebook wall, use the jingle in your radio show, etc.

Are you a journalist, a broadcasting station or in any other way involved in positive storytelling?

Perhaps you are a journalist, a host at a radio station or a programmer at a TV station and you are looking for new and inspiring content. The Wajenzi campaign invites you to (re-)publish the Wajenzi stories in your own network, platform or shows. On the Wajenzi profiles you can download or copy the textual, audio- or visual stories for your own use. You can also download other campaign materials by clicking on the buttons below.

Do you want to participate as a partner?

We are always looking for partners who can give support in any way. If you think you can be of added value, drop us a line at