Bienvenu Muhindo Nzalamingi, Butembo

I am happy because I eradicated at least one problem of the society.
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“We had to fight against that”

Bienvenu Nzalamingi is 27 years old and speaks already as a true coach. This young and determined man is at the origin of an exceptional economic movement in his community, in Butembo. He explains the root of his actions with an analysis: “I noticed in our community that there were young people who didn’t go to school and the fact of not going to school led them to unemployment, staying in the area doing nothing”. Refusing to accept this situation, he decided to put an end to it.
I thought it was a great problem and that we had to fight against that.

Be attentive and be a counsellor at the same time

In front of this analysis, Bienvenu decided to speak to those young people, on one hand in order to understand them, and on the other hand to give them a motivation.
To fight it, I initiated meetings with those young people, to find what they were capable of. Together we found something they could do. They told me for example “we can start hairdresser salons”. I gathered a small amount of money to buy the equipment.
Far from imposing something on them, or even doing any work for them, he gave them a little incentive, to make them responsible of getting a grip on their own future: “I sat down with them, I tried to get them to realise and I think that today at least everyone tries to be aware of his/her responsibilities. They try at least to look for something to do in their future”. A method that already has positive effects in the field: “Now they still work in the hairdresser salon and they start earning a little money for themselves. Now they are equipped and they have ideas for their future”.

Future and development as objectives

The future is by far Bienvenu’s main focus. He wishes to help the youth, not only in finding a job but also to lay the foundations for a reliable and long-lasting economic change. This comes also with capital management.
I initiated them to use their income. There are already young people who succeed, who are able to buy a motor. With their motor they start taxi activities which allow them to earn 20$ per week. Those 20$ can be saved, in order to invest in the future in other young people either in the same or another sector. It allows us to set off a rotation of the money and to give them an occupation.
It is easy to see with Bienvenu a great trust in his country, in his community but also in those young people. His action is not only about helping them in the short-run (with a long-lasting impact), but it also allows them to build their future, in order to prevent a lasting remedy for unemployment and suffering.

An appraisal full of pride

Bienvenu can be proud of his actions…and he is !
I am happy because I eradicated at least one problem of the society.
Always choosing concrete facts, he gives us an example summing and justifying his action at the same time: “for example a young man who was consuming heavy alcohol drinks or sometimes was a bandit and thus a true threat for the society, I saved him of this situation. He came out of it, and today he gave himself an objective in his life.”
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