Blaise Pascal Katembo Kilima, Beni

I would like to remind the youth not to minimize their efforts, their capacities, but to promote themselves.
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Blaise Kilima can be described before all as someone modest. This young man of 28, living in Beni in North-Kivu, presents his contribution to the development of this community with a calm and humble voice.
We conduct an initiative that shows how to organise groups of young people in order to earn their own livings.

Will over experience

Blaise tells it while laughing, his men and he are not professionals.
I have a group of painters and of cameramen but they are not specialist [he laughs] because they have only been trained by me who have had some training but not a high level one.
His action consists simply of offering ideas, ways of helping young people around him to develop. The objective is not to offer them a thorough and extensive education, but only to give them the means to earn their own living thanks to a profitable activity. Respectful but with a touch of pride, Blaise speaks about his successes: “I am proud to tell the story of Josué, a painter to who I taught how to use paintbrushes. He had been hired in the Brasimba Company as a painter, and he even got married before me. It is a pride for me. There is also a woman called Esperascase, to who I taught how handling the video camera, even if I’m not a professional. Now, she takes videos that really please me”.

Professional development for everyone

If Blaise’s pride is only expressed in front of the success of people around him, it is for a simple reason: according to him, the capacities of each of them are the main cause of this success.
It is nice if someone externally helps to develop the capacities. But the capacities are already there, it’s just a matter of becoming aware of it.
In the end, his action consists only in giving a little help and the needed means to young people, boys or girls, who already have the capacities to do the best. He finished with an invitation, to the youth he works with: “I would like to remind the youth not to minimize their efforts, their capacities, to promote themselves”.
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