Clarice Nyota Muhindo, Nyabibwe

Everybody has to live together in harmony. Ofcourse we are village people but we must keep moving forward!
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Active, passionate and enterprising

Active, passionate and enterprising. These are only a few words to describe the 29-year old Clarisse from South-Kivu, Congo. And this is also the way in which she talks about her accomplishments of the last years. Clarisse is mostly concerned about the vulnerable people in her environment. She starts of by explaining the motivation behind her actions: “ During the war I was about 9 years old but I witnessed everything that was happening at that time. When the refugees returned home, I saw a community mistreating another. I saw old and handicapped people dead, burned in cars. Just because people said that it was not possible to come back with disabled and old people.”

Countless projects...

Although Clarisse was still young at that time she was already able to become aware of and understand these events. These experiences touched her a lot and made her think about how to work on the unity of the village where she lives, Nyabibwe, in order to break with what happened in the past. First, she started working with the youth of her environment:
We saw a lot of idleness and we wanted to help young people to fight against this. Just because it is impossible to live without doing anything. Thus we created a cultural association that supervises young people through theater activitities. These activities enable young people to talk and discuss about social issues.
Youth is not the only vulnerable group she is concerned about. She also trains girls and women in certain skills such as sewing and making soap: “By doing this we can fight against poverty. This also allows these women to talk with each other and solve their interpersonal problems.” A final project she works on is organizing discussion forums in which people debate about social issues.

...that start to make a difference

It is clear that Clarisse is a woman who doesn't sit on her hands. And her ongoing efforts are starting to pay off:
There is change. People who before were unemployed now have a job. Those who first ignored our activities became interested.
“For example, before, a young person who did manual labour was considered as illiterate. But today this has changed. Most of the youngsters can work with their hands and are graduates.” Economically the village of Nyabibwe is improving a lot. In the streets, the phone credit vendors are young people, the activities at market places are booming,... But the most important thing to make sure Nyabibwe further develops and flourish like for example the city of Goma is according to Clarisse this:
Everybody has to live together in harmony. Ofcourse we are village people but we must keep moving forward!

A future in harmony

In the eyes of Clarisse the future looks very bright. She sees Nyabibwe in five years in a really good state.
I wish that people come to search their food here. Because by working we will produce more. And the people will live in harmony.
Practically she hopes to build a big workroom that can bring together about fifty young girls and groups of young artists who can produce CD's,...
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