Claudine Mwangzasa, North-Kivu

I know that in the next 5 years, I plan on doing more to make sure our environment stays clean.
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Clean the area…and the minds

With an easy but shy smile, Claudine Mwangwasa is a young woman with a fragile appearance but a strong determination. At 24 years old, she is already at the origin of an original initiative, aiming at positive change in her community’s environment. Her action comes from something she observed.
I was seeing a lot of waste in our environment, and I saw that young people were giving themselves more to alcohol.
In order to fight against this situation, she took a decision: making the inhabitants play a role and work in changing the state of things, particularly the youth –the first victim of the situation.
My resolution was to take with me two young people to clean the area.
She adds, satisfied “this initiative led a lot of young people to take part in this activity”.

Immediate effects!

Although Claudine is proud of her action, she is even more proud of the personal commitment of those young people with whom she worked. A particularly remarkable memory?
I saw that the young people I met gave their own money for us to buy equipment.
This exemplary and surprising behaviour allowed Claudine’s initiative to settle in a concrete way in everyone environment: “We installed bins, so that if someone had waste to throw away, he/she can throw it in the bin”. But her best victory, she describes it with a barely hidden satisfaction: “For the moment, the roundabout is clean, and young people don’t throw themselves into alcohol anymore. I am very proud of what I have done”. It is this, the double impact, which makes this initiative not standard. She is offering to the community a clean living space, and to the youth a rewarding activity permitting to focus their minds in a positive way.

“It’s Claudine’s initiative”

In front of the success of her project, Claudine knows how to keep a cool head, even if it gives her a great personal pride.
When people pass by they ask who did that, whose initiative this is. People answered that it’s Claudine’s initiative. I feel very proud about that.
That doesn’t prevent her from keeping in mind the next steps and her future ambitions for the area: “I know that in the next 5 years, I plan on doing more to make sure our environment stays clean”.
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