Felix Amani Rutebuka, Bukavu

My drives me the most is to see my community develop and change.
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Believe in the Youth

When he has to describe himself, Félix Amani first portrays himself as a “true supporter of the youth’ actions”. This commitment towards young people from his community, is the very core of Félix’s work. With a soft and calm voice, he speaks about topics which are both difficult and painful.
I work on raising awareness against HIV-Aids but also against rape and sexual violence.
His objective? “To change the behavior of those young people”.

“To become part of this group”

The reason of Félix commitment towards young people from his community is above all the helplessness of some parents when faced with their children’s behaviour. ”Our initiative takes its origin from the parents’ complaints (…) they don’t “behave” and by themselves they can’t do anything against that”. In a country victim to armed conflicts and the instability that comes with that, young people are confronted to a lack of future perspectives. It can create dangerous or violent behavior, without even realising their full effects. It is the reason why Félix decided to act, with a method all of his own.
My strategy is to behave like the young people, to become part of this group, and then when they realize that I am like them, I tell them my message and this message is welcomed and it can lead them to change.
The principle of Félix’s action is simple: pose as one of them in order to show the dangers they play with. A shock therapy, with already visible results.

An ongoing change

Even if the fight against Aids and sexual violence remain an everyday combat, Félix is proud of his contribution in this endless struggle. Within his community, he can already see the results of his action among young people: “There were some girls who already were prostitutes, but today when you see them in the community they managed to change, they became a model, some became mothers, and some others became shopkeeper”. A true advancement for women, for young people, and for the socio-economic development of his country. And it’s with a voice full of emotion and enthusiasm that he concludes.
It allows me to conclude that there is, really, a change going on. What drives me the most is to see my community develop and change.
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