Gayte Ngelesa, Bukavu

I don’t give up because I am passionate about art. I do that for me and for the city of Bukavu.

Gayte, in love with art

Using a love of art to serve the city, it’s the challenge chosen by Gayte Ingelese. 35 years old, this cultural operator, passionate by his job, created 5 years ago the association “Jeunesse Active” (Active Youth) in Bukavu. It has one objective: promoting, with art and culture, the initiatives of the young people of this city in South-Kivu. In love with art, involved in the cultural life of his city, and willing to see the potential amongst the youth blossoming, Gayte decided to put his knowledge to use and live his passion with this unique organisation in Bukavu. Since 2010, Jeunesse Active supports different initiatives permitting the promotion of the extraordinary creativity and dynamism of the youth, a real incubator of ideas, combined with a great urge to express them! For Gayte Ingelesa, it’s through art and culture that those initiatives will find their best way of expression. And he proves it, for 5 years now.

The art of speaking up for oneself, or when art speaks for itself

When he thinks about all the different projects on which he worked with his association, Gayte can’t help but to be happy in face of all that they have accomplished. A particularly rewarding project is the one of a song realised with different artists to denounce violence against women and support the victims. Gayte and his organisation realised this project thanks to a collaboration between no less than 20 artists who decided to join them. In a changing society, Gayte chose to use art as a peaceful means of expression. The best reward he gets is from rape victims expressing their joy and gratitude for feeling understood and supported. “It was for me a real pleasure to live this experience (...) on a project which was as noble as raising awareness of general public and offering compassion to those women”.
The joy they expressed gave us hope.
And eventually, this joy, this pleasure to create, to discover and to share, is the core of the actions of Gayte and his organisation. Beyond his work for awareness raising, the association also aims to offer something different to the youth.
We make music, we make video, for the awareness but also for having fun.

An ongoing battle

Some amazing achievements indeed, but also endless difficulties. Gayte says it without shame, "most of the time, we find ourselves in discussions that stop us, it can prevent us from moving forward in these kinds of projects”.The first cause of their difficulties? Money, with financial difficulties that sometimes lead projects to be unrealised. Because art is not intended for financial gain, it offers another approach and allows young people to open up. Unfortunately, it’s not always enough and Gayte admits that sometimes he is discouraged when confronted to endless economical, practical and political obstacles. Fortunately, Gayte possesses an infinite source of motivation: his passion and his boundless taste for art.
I can’t be discouraged because I love art very much, I am passionate about art and I love to see the youth of our city becoming visible through art.
It’s that endless love for the cultural development on the one hand, and his city on the other, that allows Gayte and his association to keep moving forward with their action. In the end, he admits, this organisation is as much a chance for him as it is for other young people:
“I tell myself that I do it for me, for my passion, and for the city of Bukavu”.
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