Gloria Ramazani, Goma

Today, I am proud because I know that I played a part in a lot of things that changed the norms in the lives of children and youth in North-Kivu.
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Gloria, committed

Glora is 24 and lives in Goma (North-Kivu). Despite her young age, she has already been the founder of numerous initiatives in favour of providing help and ways of emancipation to the youth. Now, she is a member of the directory board of the non-profit organisation PJB. “PJB stands for “Promo Jeune Basketball” (Promo Youth Basketball), an organisation created in 2005 in order to assist young people, particularly children, at the beginning during holidays”. With a calm and serene voice, she presents her action and her path.
I had the chance of having a family
The root of her strength and will to do something for the youth, can be found in her own experience: “it’s a real story, from my youth, my childhood”. With a tight voice, she recalls: “when I was 10, my father died. I was lucky to have a family that took care of us, of my mum and me”. Gloria is among the lucky ones, and she knows it: ”I went to school, I was fed and dressed”. But far from taking her situation for granted, she realised what could have been her childhood without her relatives’ support.
What about others, who go through the same thing? So I told myself, this is the commitment I choose, to change the norms.

Change the way of thinking

Gloria’s fight for promoting the development and blossoming of young people takes different forms. There is of course her involvement in PJB, to which she is truly dedicated. Besides that, she is also involved in the struggle against discrimination, particularly towards girls. She remembered:
Girls didn’t participate a lot in organisations. They weren’t part of non-profit organisations for example, because their parents thought that their place was in the kitchen and not in a place where they can think, and reveal their potential.
Gloria’s actions are clever. She is not attacking directly the established order, but changing the mentality little by little, by permitting every girl to prove herself inside these organisations. One of those girls shares her experience: “I remembered, we were once near the Child Parliament and elections were organised. I would have liked to be Vice-President, that was my passion.
She told me: “if you start from there, you will not pass.” She advised me to choose instead the social service, to be president of one of the departments inside the Child Parliament that is Health Social Aid.”
This soft approach, encouraging girls to take their place in the until then not-accessible institutions, allowed a lot of them to show their capacities.
It worked. It helped me in my own fulfilment, but it also helped me to get higher.

A rewarding commitment

Even if she keeps in mind that her work is not done yet, Gloria is already happy of what they accomplished. Thanks to her sensible and sensitive approach, her action for young people, all young boys and girls of her province, already shows its results. With a humble but satisfied voice, she concludes:
Today, I am proud because I know that I played a part in a lot of things that changed the norms in the lives of children and youth in North-Kivu.
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