Jean Paul Rhuhunemungu Kabunga, Bukavu

In 5 years, I want my community to take a hold of itself, to create cooperatives, and even banks for savings.
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Jean-Paul, an original bet

And what if the development of a country goes with the economic prosperity of its inhabitants? It’s the bet taken by Jean-Paul. With his 27 years old, this inhabitant of the South Kivu province committed himself in an original way of raising awareness:
I have already taught around 62 mama with the association Villager Savings and Credits.
Jean-Paul made the choice of speaking to those women, who are at the center and the base of family structure of DRC, as vectors of the economic stability of his community. His keywords? Helping each other and...savings!

Economics to help housewives

Jean-Paul’s action is simple and opened to everyone:
I introduced them into savings, how they can save a little money that would help them to subsist in everyday life.
It’s not about giving a lesson about economics or finance, it’s simply giving to anyone means and ideas to better handle one’s resources or save money to anticipate future difficulties or needs. Because those women, those “mama”, can also be confronted to difficult situations, and be destitute in front of an economic situation that they don’t master.
One mama (...), a widow, her husband left her four children who weren’t studying anymore, but today her children study again, her first daughter is in her first year at the ISDR of Bukavu.
. Thanks to his advice, Jean-Paul offers another approach to those mama from his community, to allow any family to enjoy a stable economic situation.

Some results, and some ambitions !

It is with a little pride that Jean-Paul speaks about the results of his work on raising awareness:
Nowadays, they are already able of providing themselves for their basic needs.
But he doesn’t want to stop now! Jean-Paul wishes his action to be the starting point of a true understanding, making of economics a true change vector for the development of his country :
In 5 years, I want my community to take a hold of itself, to create cooperatives, and even banks for savings.
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