Luc Nkulula, Goma

If this situation continues, what would happen next?

Watch Luc's story below:

A realistic militant

30 years old, Luc has already been confronted to a great number of injustices and/or abuses, of which the Congolese society is a victim. Member and militant in the movement Fight for Change, he admits that it is very difficult to say what they do concretely, the work ahead being so vast. His objective is simple.
We want to put an end to inequalities, abuse of power, impunity, and insecurity, which are omnipresent in our city of Goma.

Fatigue in front of an unbearable situation

His motivation, it comes from untenable examples, in his own personal life. He sums it up like this: “When you see in the morning that your neighbour was killed, that your brother was killed, that yourself you run into agents who took from you all your belongings, your phone and all” …to act becomes a necessity, and that’s what explains his commitment in the movement Fight for Change. He shares one of his own experiences, which gives an example of the difficulties to which the inhabitants of the city are confronted: “one day, I was coming home around 6pm. We were many in the street. I came across a patrol. They arrested someone who was a few metres away from me. They called him, asked him his ID, he gave it. And because they didn’t find any violation, they had to persist. They told him “did you know that walking at night was a violation?”. The poor man, not knowing anything at all about that, answered that he didn’t know. So he was asked how he thought he could resolve that. “Resolve that”, that meant that he had to give them money for them to cover up the event”. The corruption, the impunity of those people who are supposed to guarantee order – that is what revolts him. But not only anger, also fear: “when I was watching that, I was afraid. I thought that I would be the next one, because I was just a few metres away from him because I stopped for a while to watch the scene”. What he wants, is to change the situation and not accept it anymore.
I was afraid that if this situation continues, what would happen next?

A long and tough fight

Luc and his movement don’t give up and continue their action. “One day, we tried to ask for the re-establisement of security in Goma. We organised a march on September, 21st, 2012. We showed photos of all the men and women who were murdered, more than 50 in one year”. But the work ahead of them is still long, as the conclusion of this peaceful demonstration proves it: “We organised this demonstration for the re-establishment of security, and it resulted in arrests !”

A great trust in his country

It is remarkable that despite these difficulties, Luc still has a deep faith in his country, for which he wants the very best.
I have a role model, it’s Lumumba. I would like to be an incarnation of him in this world, this society.
And he concludes, with hope, enthusiasm and even a touch of determination.
I am captivated by his thoughts when he says “the Congo is great, it requires greatness’’.
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