Modeste Amisi Tshumbula, Sud Kivu

My role is to mobilise, to raise awareness until there is long lasting change.
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Amisi, A peace artisan in DRC

Soft voice, calm gestures, Amisi Modeste introduces himself as a “peace artisan in DRC”. And indeed, everything in his presence and his language shows his peaceful aspirations. This mediator, coming from the South Kivu province, works in his community to solve conflicts and put an end to tensions, in a country in which using weapons is the common way for decades.
I have the duty to unify people when there is a small conflict problem between two neighbours, two people, two groups, or two young people of my community.

A coherent approach

Amisi’s method? It’s quite simple: using the fundaments of the Congolese society itself, the “community basis” as he sums it up, in favour of peace.
When there was a disagreement between two neighbours, a long lasting conflict about a plot’s limitations, I was invited at one of the neighbour’s house. I also invited two wise fathers and a mother from the women’s association.
Indeed, Amisi doesn’t work alone, he does it in close collaboration with well-known people in the community. And it is because of this coherent intervention that we can see conclusive results.
We arrived there, we led them to find a definitive solution and from that day on those neighbours have shared their meals together.

And a pacifist approach!

He wants to underline it: "It is not a court (…) because a court only judges; there is a winner and a loser." Instead of a judgement that can be contested, he prefers proposing a concrete solution, in the field, and in agreement with the different parts. He presents his method more like a “mediation lesson, where we deal with our business, with calm, by transforming the conflict, without judging”. A less-violent approach, carrying with it more chances to be accepted. The idea is not to punish but to solve the conflicts, to allow its “transformation”. Supported by local community representatives, Amisi offers a long term solution to disagreements, conflicts and quarrels in his community.

Actions with more than modest results

Amisi Modeste stays very humble regarding his role as a “peace artisan”. Nevertheless, the results are significant. In a country experiencing wars and armed violence, offering a pacifist approach to conflict resolution, promoting dialogues and the respect of community bonds, it is not without importance.
Here, we do that in a pacifist way, we offer forgiveness, they stay friends, they eat together and everybody is happy. It is what we do.
To conclude, he sums up his mission as a mediator like this: "My role is to mobilise, to raise awareness until there is long lasting change." His action is modest too. He works on a local level, within his own community. But in the end, is it not the basis of a peaceful society?
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