Bulere Saadi, Beni

I dream of becoming a great ambassador for vulnerable children, orphans.
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Modest, committed and dreamer

Bulere Saadi is 28 years old, and he comes from North Kivu. He introduces himself like this: “I have created a small [he hesitates] humanitarian organisation called ‘Action for the restoration of peace and the struggle against vulnerability and poverty’”. Like it is easy to see from his presentation, Bulere is someone modest, by nature, rather than because of his actions.
I grew up in a family with little resources, a poor family. I had problems to support myself, to pay my own school costs. For example, before going to school, I would work first in the fields, after which I was paid and able to go to school.
He is conscious of having been confronted to difficult moments and experiences, especially for a child, but instead of being bitter about it, he decided to put it at the service of others.

“The community understood me”

Bulere’s gets his commitment to fight against the vulnerability of fragile people from his own experience, but also from a great empathy.
When I see orphans, I put myself in their place and I get this passion of working for them.
A passion that he decided to put to use for others, in order to bring them some comfort. He is conscious of the fact that his single actions can’t make a child forget the loss of his parents; however, with this constant modesty, he wishes to help them in order to lighten their sorrow and their daily difficulties.
I try to ease even a little, this pain they feel in their orphan situation.
Always humble, he admits that he had the chance of receiving a true adhesion, a comprehension of his community. Confronted to the difficult situation of an orphan child, he remembers the reaction: “I went to see the regional representative for educational questions, I explained to him there was a vulnerable child, who had lost his parents during the war, and that the community could take him in. Fortunately for me, the community agreed”. And he concludes, satisfied: “it is still the community that sends him to school”. From this first example he had the possibility, with the collaboration of his community, to implement a real program, aiming to help orphan children.
At the beginning of the year, the community took this initiative of making a list of the children in a vulnerable situation, for whom the community will pay at least half of their school costs.
From a modest start, Bulere managed to create a true movement of change, in order to offer to those vulnerable children easier access to education.

A child dreaming?

With his soft, almost shy voice, Bulere shares his dream, a children’s dream, for children.
I dream of becoming a great ambassador for vulnerable children, orphans.
And still the same resolution: “continuing my struggle to help children and young people who are in vulnerable conditions.”
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