Who we are,

Who we are

Wajenzi is the result of a co-creation workshop that took place in Bukavu, D.R. Congo in June 2013. During this workshop, representatives from media organisations, NGO’s, youth representatives and artists joined forces to co-create a campaign and a platform for social change. The aim was to reward young changemakers and inspire the opinion leaders of tomorrow.

Wajenzi is part of the ‘Roadmap To Peace’ programme of Oxfam Novib and Radio La Benevolencija. It is a regional programme (D.R. Congo, Burundi and Rwanda) to support organisations and civil society to play a key role in the construction of peace and to end regional conflict.


Oxfam Novib, Radio la Benevolencija, Radio Netherlands Worldwide and Butterfly Works joined forces in making Wajenzi kick off.

Butterfly Works is the initiator and concept developer of Wajenzi. The Wajenzi concept is inspired by experiences of Butterfly Works in running ‘Unsung Peace Heroes’ and ‘Building Bridges’, which are peace mapping campaigns in Kenya.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide secures that Wajenzi stands for an open exchange of ideas and stories. Also, their local team members are part of producing the Wajenzi (audiovisual) stories that are found on the profile pages.

Radio La Benevolencjia is the project manager in D.R. Congo and allign the Wajenzi activities with other projects and initiatives in the region.

Oxfam Novib supported Wajenzi from the very first start and keeps an eye on the regional impact of the activities.

Journalists and media

Independent journalists play an important role in the campaign. They are the storytellers and provide people from all layers of the society with inspiring stories and practical examples. They have the capacities to reach out to a broad audience on a local, regional and international level. From youth in a village nearby and regional policy makers to the international media.

The media network within the Kivu’s region plays a big role in sharing stories of the young changemakers and invite new change makers to join the network. Local and international media help us spread the word. Radio stations for example broadcast Wajenzi stories and call up for entries and voting. The stories and profiles of the young changemakers inspire other media formats such as debates, theater, music and printed media.

* The word “Wajenzi” is the Swahili word for “builders”. The word “Mjenzi” is the singular form of Wajenzi.