Why, how & what,

Why, what & how


All over the world in (post-)conflict areas, individuals and organisations are working to enact change and promote peace. Due to limited publicity, these changemakers and their communities often aren’t aware of other initiatives being carried out in their own area or across the country.

Changemakers also often have trouble connecting with one another. And at the same time, many community members don’t know how to contribute and lack positive role models in their near surrounding.


Wajenzi is a platform and network for young changemakers from the North and South Kivu region in D.R. Congo. ‘Wajenzi Wa Amani’ is Swahili for ‘builders of peace’. This reflects the character of and the activities done by the young changemakers. Wajenzi are those people who make a difference by simple acts in their everyday lives or in that of others. They are the drivers of social change. This campaign offers a platform for these often unheard stories, to support the efforts of young changemakers and to spread the word.


Wajenzi has a campaign cycle of three phases.

The first phase of Wajenzi is to encourage young changemakers to share their initiatives. Wajenzi strives to find as many young changemakers as possible with help from the community. The Wajenzi team requests people to submit their own Wajenzi. They will then call up and create portraits of the young changemakers from the Kivu region in the D.R. Congo whose activities fit the Wajenzi campaign.

The second phase is to spread the showcased initiatives through various media channels and networks. The audience can give their support by sending a message on the Wajenzi profiles. These messages, submitted in the Shout Out boxes on the profiles, are sent directly to the specific Mjenzi* as an SMS In addition, the audience can vote for their favourite Wajenzi. The most inspiring changemakers will be awarded during an award ceremony. This festive ending of the campaign is the starting point for the third phase.

In the third phase, those Wajenzi who have gained most votes are connected through a mobile phone network. Within this network, they can exchange their successes, tips and tools, pose questions, as well as share their experiences and challenges. They can send their requests by calling or texting to our Wajenzi number. This number is linked to a database system, which makes it possible for all Wajenzi to be connected with their peers who could answer their requests.

Wajenzi starts as a network of young changemakers from the Kivu region in the D.R. Congo. We aim to create a Wajenzi movement in a larger area, namely Burundi, Rwanda and the entire country of the D.R. Congo.